About roastedbagel

roastedbagel is a Reddit mod, who for nine years, has attacked people, calling them mentally ill, telling them to “take their meds,” as a form of emotional abuse, when he doesn’t agree with them.  He lies to the admins, after bullying innocent people, gets them banned, and then laughs in their faces and says no one can touch him.

However, if you say something about him, or give him the same type of treatment, as a response, he cries that he is a victim, an aspect of workplace bullying, and even reports his victims to the FBI IC3.

He even attacked the website of an environmental activist who is working to save people’s lives, and got it suspended, just to hide his guilt.  Scott Shapiro does not care who he hurts with his actions, only that he can go on abusing his innocent victims.

Everyone he meets, he thinks they are lying to him, probably because he, himself, is a liar, and bases his judgements of others on what he knows about his own behavior, or there is just something wrong with his brain for an entire decade on Reddit.

Being a mod has made him arrogant and he thinks he can get away with just about anything, because of his extended time on the site.

If you’ve been attacked and harassed by roastedbagel, please leave a message with your e-mail address, in the comments, and we’ll help you fight back against Scott Shapiro.

You can also file a complaint with the FBI Ic3, for internet crimes, here: File A Report With The FBI About Scott Shapiro